A small-town jeweler with a rich family history in the trade, Brandon Adams combines technology and Old World craftsmanship to create uniquely memorable designs. 

With talents and skills that are highly sought after in this industry, customers needs can be done in a quick and efficient manner.

Adams Father and Grandfather

Brandon Adams carries on his family’s legacy in the jewelry trade that dates back three generations. During the 1930s, Adams’ grandfather suffered a gruesome accident while working at a lumber mill and subsequently had his leg amputated. Needing to learn a new trade, he enrolled in a watchmaking program offered through the state of Utah. He opened and ran a jewelry store in Midvale for the next few decades. Adam’s grandfather eventually moved the shop to Vernal and was later joined in the family business by his son. Over the next 20 years, he retired and moved out of Utah, while his son kept the business going and expanded to Salt Lake City. 

Brandon Adams, meanwhile, had set up shop in Las Vegas and was growing his skill set in custom jewelry design blended with cutting-edge technology. 
The traditional way of crafting jewelry involves hand-carving wax blocks into whatever the piece is intended to look like. In 2002, Adams started using computer-aided design to build custom pieces, which opened numerous doors for him to work with other companies. At that time, it was uncommon as it was the newest development but a really difficult thing to learn, so most jewelers didn’t take it on.
CAD still isn’t a method that every jeweler uses, but it’s much more common in the trade today and regarded as a reliable system for designing custom jewelry. However, not many jewelers can boast as many years of experience in digital design as Adams. 

Adams relocated to St. George last year. Although he enjoyed living in Las Vegas and had built a successful career there, he felt it was time to return to his home state. Having grown up in the small town of Vernal, he thinks of himself as a “hometown jeweler” and takes pride in providing friendly and personal service combined with the design skill offered by leading jewelry shops in any major city.

Adams mainly focuses on creating custom pieces, but he also does repair work as quickly as the same day and offers expertise in all aspects of jewelry. Unlike the majority of jewelry stores, his shop is filled with windows that allow customers to watch virtually every stage of the process. From designing to 3D modeling and casting, he emphasizes that he has nothing to hide.   
Many jewelry stores have a salesperson on the front end and a designer in the back, opening a gap that Adams said may lead to miscommunication and a need for corrections later in the process. At Brandon Adams Jewelry, customers speak directly to the creator of every piece. 

Here are some photos from the history of Adams’ Family of Jewelry…